okinawa colloids 2019

information for Delegates

Transport information from/to Naha Airport

Shuttle Bus between the venue and hotels during the conference


Registration and Information Desk

The Conference Registration and Information Desk is located at the entrance of Summit Hall (Room A) at Bankoku Shinryokan. It opens from 14:00 on Sunday; 8:00 on Monday; and 8:30 from Tuesday until Friday.


Oral Presenters Information

The duration of talk is 30 minutes for keynote presentations, and 20 minutes for invited and general oral presentations. The duration includes the time for questions and PC changes. Please ensure that your presentation is shorter than the allotted time to allow for a proper question time to have lively discussion with the audience.

Slides in 4:3 screen ratio are preferable.

A PC for oral presentations is available in each room. If you would like to use the PC in the room, please bring your USB drive to the room and upload your presentation during the break or lunch before your session. You may also bring your own PC. You can connect your PC via standard VGA connector (D-sub 15 pin) only if you are presenting in Room A; HDMI can also be used in the other rooms.

If you would like to use sound for your presentation, you need to connect your PC to the PA via stereo mini-plug in Room A, while HDMI can only be used in the other rooms for sound. If you would like to use sound via stereo mini-plug in the rooms other than Room A, please contact the organizing committee (

You must personally bring the proper adapters, particularly if you use a MacBook for presentations.

Please note that your presentation time cannot be changed nor extended due to PC connection issues. Therefore, during the break or lunch before your session, we kindly request that you to go to the room in advance of your talk to test your slides.


Poster Presenters Information

Your posters should be A0 portrait size (84.1 cm wide by 118.9 cm high), as the dimensions of a poster board are 90 cm wide by 210 cm high. Posters can be put up starting from the morning of Wednesday, 6 November. Materials to put up posters such as push pins will be provided.

Please note that we do not have printing facilities for posters at the venue.

Poster presenters must be present during the dedicated time (Odd number posters: 10:10–11:10, Even number posters, 11:10-12:10)

Presenters are requested to take down their posters immediately after the end of the poster session at 12:30. Posters which remain on the board after that time will be removed by the Organizing Committee and will not be stored.

Poster awards will be given to the best presenters among the young scientists. In addition to the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry (DCSC) Poster Award, the Langmuir Award, and the Soft Matter Award will also be given. During the session, evaluation of the eligible posters will be carried out by adjudicators who have been chosen by the organizing committee. Awardees will be announced in the afternoon of 7 November.


Conference App

This conference offers a smartphone app that will provide easy access to the conference’s details, schedules, maps, and its latest information. You can browse the entire program directly from your phone or tablet and create your own agenda. You can browse the abstracts with this app. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

To download it, please scan the QR code below or type ‘okinawacol’ in the iOS App Store or Google Play.


iOS     Google Play



Complimentary Wi-Fi is available to the delegates of the conference. The login ID and password can be obtained at the Reception Desk.

Because the network is designed only for web-browsing and checking web-based email, its users must refrain from exchanging large data, such as accessing virtual private networks (VPNs) and downloading streaming files.


Photo and Recording

Recordings of presentations or taking photos of slides is strictly prohibited at this conference.


What to Wear? –Conference Dress Code

Okinawa is still warm in November – highest and lowest average temperature in November is 26°C and 20°C, respectively.

The conference dress code is ‘casual’. We are happy for you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and we particularly recommend that the delegates should wear ‘Kariyushi’– the domestic outfit of Okinawa. Kariyushi wears will be sold at Bankoku Shinryokan on Monday, 4 November.

Please note that at The Busena Terrace, tattoos of any kind may not be shown on hotel premises, including conference rooms, the lobby, restaurants, and other public spaces. Please wear clothing that fully conceals them.



Regular registration includes the Welcome Reception Sunday evening, lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments Monday to Friday.


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