About okinawa colloids 2019

Advances and developments in colloid and surface sciences, which are fundamental disciplines of nanoscience and nanotechnology, are expected to help establish an environmentally friendly world.

The Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry (DCSC), Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), has contributed to progress in the related science and technology worldwide since 1976. The annual meeting on colloid and interface chemistry organized by the CSJ was first held in 1948, before the establishment of the DCSC.

We will hold the OKINAWA COLLOIDS 2019 conference from November 3 to 8, 2019, as an international conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the divisional meeting of the DCSC at the Bankoku Shinryokan on Okinawa island. The general theme of the conference is "Colloids for Sustainability." At a venue surrounded by the beautiful emerald ocean and clear blue skies, attendees will be able to discuss the latest developments across the multidisciplinary fields of colloid and interface sciences while also enjoying the tropical atmosphere of the southern island and visiting scenic locations.

We invite you to join us and enjoy a visit to Okinawa island and OKINAWA COLLOIDS 2019.


Hirofumi Kanoh, Conference Chair


Conference Chair

H. Kanoh (Chiba Univ.)

Conference Vice-Chair

T. Kawai (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.)

Executive Committee

S. Deguchi (JAMSTEC, Committee Chair)

H. Sakai  (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Vice-Chair)

K. Fukuda (Kao Corp., Vice-Chair)

N. Ishida  (Okayama Univ., Vice-Chair)

Y. Abe (Lion Corp., Secretary)

H. Kawasaki (Kansai Univ.)

S. Fujii (Osaka Inst. of Tech.)

K. Kanie (Tohoku Univ.)

C. McNamee (Shinshu Univ.)

T. Kato (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)

M. Hokura (CSJ)

Contact: okinawacolloids2019@chemistry.or.jp

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